“Rebellion” is a powerful concept album that deals with committed issues around mental health and societal problems, in which the singer-songwriter encourages us to think, listen and become aware of what we are and what we no longer want to endure. 10 tracks dealing with 5 themes, each approached from 2 ages and therefore 2 angles: the first: that of youth (tracks in French), the second: that of adults (tracks in English). With guest guitarist Yarol Poupaud.

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Vocals: Jewly · Guitars: Alexandre Maillard / Moon Pilot / Yarol Poupaud (2-8) · Bass: Moon Pilot · Keyboards: Jewly / Moon Pilot · Drums: Vincent Lechevallier · Programming: Moon Pilot · Backing vocals: Jewly / Jim Claden Hoff

Lyrics and music: Jewly · Production: Moon Pilot · Arrangements: Jewly / Moon Pilot · Guitars, bass & drums recorded by Peter Deimel at Black Box studio (F) · Vocals & backing vocals recorded by Moon Pilot at Anima studio (F) · Mixing: Peter Deimel at Black Box studio (F) · Mastering: Mike Marsh at The Exchange (UK) · Engraving: André Perriat

Artwork: PSol. · Photos: Julien Ayrault

Overcoming social and environmental issues
Action – Futur – Engagement

1/ “Rebellion” (UK)

A different version of "REBELLION" begins each side of the vinyl. It's the same title, because unlike the other "song pairs", it's the same vision, whatever the generation! In fact, the lyrics of the "Rebellion" chorus are repeated in French on "Rébellion".

6/ « Rébellion » (FR)

Second version of "REBELLION" on the B side of the vinyl. The only change is a more ironic, almost beaten adult, whose rebellious pulse drives the passage of time... We must act, and if we want to, we can, everything becomes possible.

Combating the difficulties faced by women, minorities and the rejected
A tribute to all those people who face up to the difficulties of everyday life, often with grace and dignity.

2/ « Alter ego » (FR)

I'm a gender, I grow up in this female and/or male body. But this body is changing and separating more and more from my mind, from what it "should" be. I move forward as best I can, distancing myself not only from this adolescent body, but also from my family and social body. My alter ego, you are me, you are my true facet, but unpopular.

3/ “Resistance” (UK)

A daily battle. A battle of the shadows. You looked so perfect! I suffered from you, from your violence, but I fought, for a long time. My dignity and inner strength got the better of you, and I won't play your game anymore. I'm freeing myself.

Guarding against the potential harshness of family relationships
The subtleties, even difficulties, of the intergenerational consequences experienced in a family and the building process, depending on its history.

4/ « Construction » (FR)

How can you be a good mother, a good father, and what does it mean to be a good parent? This eternal questioning... What if we asked the main person involved! What would I really like to do with my parents? The simple things... and at the same time the limits, precious for construction.

5/ “Feelings” (UK)

How to build your cocoon around your family history and the traumas that prevent you from making your own way; how to overcome them, overcome the fear that the pattern will repeat itself, and finally just do the best you can. Face up to your fears, turn them into a source of strength and offer what you've got at the given time.

Finding your place in an unstable world
Your place, your personality, who you are – The complexity of adolescence.

7/ « Imbécile » (FR)

This title can echo every teenager we still are, and by extension anyone in search of an identity. Feeling bad about yourself, harassment, the cult of the "perfect" body, the feeling that you don't fit in, feeling different, suffering your own hypersensitivity, plus the pitfalls and risks of addiction and worse...

8/ “Difference” (UK)

Singularity is a true gift... which we realize later. Words like an ode to difference, to uniqueness, to self-acceptance, to accepting who you are and what you represent, and to stop comparing yourself. To finally... succeed in loving yourself, and find the keys to no longer suffering the pressures of judgment.

Combating injustice in children’s lives

9/ « Innocence » (FR)

Illness, abandonment, bereavement, disability... for a child, these are real injustices! How does it feel to be 7 years old? How can I enjoy my innocence? How can I regain my confidence and find a place for myself? I'd like to have the right to my childhood, just like you!

10/ “Injustice” (UK)

It's the child who's become an adult, who's tried to build himself up despite the injustices he experienced as a child (physical or psychological abuse, or being raped or discriminated against) who's talking. The path of resilience allows me to be more at peace, to no longer feel responsible, to not reproduce a pattern and to feel worthy of being loved after all.